Cantina was excited to tackle the challenge of managing and executing the entire visual effects process for Hotel Artemis – a crime film set in riot-torn, near-future Los Angeles. With the post-production department housed in our offices, and close communication with writer/director Drew Pearce, we worked toward the goal of creating a fully immersive and distinctive retro-futuristic design language. By the end of the project, our team delivered over 450 VFX shots ranging from CG set extensions, CG robotic arms, riot smoke, futuristic laser simulations, blood work, screen graphics, holograms, and a host of other bespoke FX simulations for technology not yet invented. In addition to our work in post-production, we also conducted on-set VFX supervision for 33 days of shooting.




Visual Effects Supervisor Venti Hristova

VFX Executive Producer Sean Cushing

VFX Senior Creative Stephen Lawes

VFX Producer Donna Cullen

Artists Marbella Calvillo, Carly Cerquone, Julianne Dome, Aaron Eaton, Matt Eaton, Jay Grunfeld, Andrew Hawryluk, Justin Hemsley, Nate Jess, Yorie Kumalasari, Tony Lupoi, Stephen Morton, Leon Nowlin Jr., Brian Sales, Gregory S. Scribner, Takashi Takeoka, Jonathan Thompson, Alan Torres, Cisco Torres, Cameron Walser


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