Working once again with Dan Deleeuw and Jen Underdahl at Marvel, we were excited to tackle a year-and-a-half production cycle and provide VFX solutions for installments 3 and 4 of the Avengers saga. Cantina was tasked with solving a handful of story concepts ranging from Shuri’s operation on Vision in Avengers: Infinity War to Tony inventing time travel via the mobius strip in Avengers: Endgame. We reprised our role as HUD designers and VFX artists for Hulkbuster, Warmachine, and Tony’s new bleeding edge suit.


Client: Marvel Studios

VFX Supervisor Stephen Lawes

Design Supervisor Nate Jess

Executive Producer Sean Cushing

VFX Producer Grace Hendley

Designers Carly Cerquone, Julianne Dome, Aaron Eaton, Sang Yup Kim, Shawn Lee, Alan Torres, Cisco Torres


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